Boston apartment rents: How they compare with those in 99 other U.S. cities

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Michael Moloney

One- and two-bedroom apartments in Boston are among the most expensive in the nation, according to a report from real estate listings site Zumper on median rents as of December in 100 U.S. cities.

The median rent on a Boston one-bedroom was $2,480 a month—more than in any other city except San Francisco, New York City, and San Jose (which also had a median one-bedroom rent of $2,480).

The median rent on a Boston two-bedroom was $2,700—more than in any other city save San Fran, NYC, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Oakland. See below for a breakdown of the 50 most expensive cities by one- and two-bedroom medians (and see here for the next 50).

Also of note: That one-bedroom median was up more than 10 percent compared with the same period in 2017, while the two-bedroom median barely budged. What are you seeing out there?